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Producer / songwriter Ezekiel Haynes IS music.  And Reflections is the audibile proof.  With an artistic edge that blends jazz, classical, R&B, and modern music, this creative genius transports listeners to a musical oasis with his latest release.  A master of improvisation, Ezekiel weaves a sound that is both fresh and innovative with each track.

Reflections cements Ezekiel’s reputation as a legendary artist light years ahead of his time.  Smooth melodies and tight vocal tracks combine to create a chill-laxing experience like nothing else.  With one listen, Reflections will have you basking in the afterglow of one amazing musical journey.

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Faith’s Lullaby

Inspired by a tired father’s attempt to get a fussy baby to sleep, Faith’s Lullaby is pure gold to those in need of a deep rest.  This album creates the calm, peaceful atmosphere needed to achieve that blessed night of restful slumber, with testimonials by new parents and the tired masses to prove it!

So whether you’re in need of a restorative afternoon nap or something a little longer, Faith’s Lullaby delivers the medicinal melodies to deliver you (and your baby) to Dreamland.

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